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Okay, I've been trying to manually publish the pages on the actual date and time they were meant to be describing... but blogger finally came out with a way to automated publishing posts so I can publish set it up to publish posts even when I'm too busy to login and do it myself.... the only problem is, blogger does this by looking at the date on the post... I make a post with tomorrow's date... it will publish it tomorrow... but I have to way to say "hey publish this post tomorrow and date it to September of last year..."

So basically, The dates on the posts are going to being totally different than the date in the story... I think it looks silly, but I think anyone reading this would rather see a post every Sunday than see the dates correct and not published every Sunday.

BTW, I hope you're enjoying the story... no one ever leaves comments so I'm not sure if I'm talking to myself most of the time :)